Sunday School

Sunday School meets at 9:45 a.m. every Sunday.

Children's Classes

Birth – 1 Year

We are blessed to be able to help out and make you feel very comfortable leaving your children with us so you can concentrate on lessons during your class.  We have a great group of teachers and they all love to work with and care for the babies. We sing and read books about Jesus to all the babies while playing games and sometimes just holding them.  We know this age group is very young and doesn’t understand everything we do, but we want them to hear the name “JESUS” as many times as possible.

The 1-2 year old Sunday School class is an open and inviting place to bring your toddlers to share in God’s love and begin their Christian education. Your child will be supervised and taught in a developmentally appropriate atmosphere using a curriculum based on the Bible using music, toys, games and activities that are targeted specifically to your toddler’s needs. Every Sunday morning you will be asked to sign in your child and provide a contact number so that we can contact you in case of an emergency. We will be sure to adhere to any special dietary needs your child may have during our snack time, so be sure to let us know any allergies or restrictions.

The three and four year old Sunday school class would love to have your little one join us. We do a Bible study called The Gospel Project. This follows a chronological timeline of Bible events- we present the story of redemption through Jesus! The Bible story will come to life through videos, music, etc.

The KG Sunday School classroom is taught by experienced classroom teachers. We encourage children to learn and love the Word of God each Sunday.

Your child will learn about Creation, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus as well as many other wonderful lessons from the Bible. Lessons also center around being a good friend, sibling and Christian.  

This class helps build on the spiritual foundations. We learn about Bible truths and find out about how to follow God’s word by studying the examples of Jesus. We help prepare elementary students for the challenges of middle school by reinforcing that God is always with us. We discuss real life issues and how we can make a positive difference in our community.

Student/Youth Classes

6th-8th Grades

We know that the middle school years can have a huge impact on what type of person an individual will become. We teach about how Jesus ministered to the outcasts and that this shows us that it is okay to be different. We take stories of the Bible and relate them to things that the students may be going through at school or at home. We try to prepare them for the pressures they will face in High School.

9th-12th Grades

Our class is focused on taking the Word of God and applying it to our daily lives. We also focus on building a strong foundation of Biblical knowledge. At the end of each class, we discuss how the scripture speaks to us and what our responsibilities are. Since we have young men and women from several different counties, we also work hard on building relationships.

Adult Classes

This class is designed for College age up through the time you still feel comfortable being called a “Young Adult”!  We discuss the Bible and focus on making God’s word our foundation as we establish our careers and families.  We strive to share and encourage one another in making God a part of our everyday life.  We have great discussions about overcoming temptation in today’s society and standing out in this world for Jesus.

The Shepherd’s Flock is a co-ed class for adults desiring to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. As his flock, we gather to learn how to disciple, minister, pray, love, forgive, share the Gospel message, and follow the Shepherd’s voice through the leading of the Holy Spirit and the revelation of God’s Word. In this class, the Bible and Lifeway curriculums are used; discussion is encouraged; and age range varies. Come grow with us as we follow The Good Shepherd. “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”  John 10:27 (NIV)

Discipleship 101 is a class for anyone who desires to study God’s Word, grow in his/her faith walk, and fellowship with other believers.  The class consists of both singles and couples, and the age range of members goes from twenty-something up to senior adults. The Bible is the main source for class study; however, books, booklets, and study guides are also used to explore books of the Bible and topical concepts.  Class discussion and participation are encouraged, however, no one is ever embarrassed by being called upon to read aloud or speak. An effort is made to schedule one or two class social events a year. The class has an active email list where weekly prayer requests are sent out and announcements made. 

The Encouragers class focuses on studies that are both biblically sound and help the individual to develop a closer relationship with God. Study materials range from  studies on the various books of the Bible to books that bring the message into modern times. We believe that God is very active in our day to day lives and through class participation and the sharing of views God has placed on our hearts and minds, we will be able to see a clearer picture of what He has planned. We invite anyone who is interested to attend our class. There is no set age limit, and all are welcome. 

The GAP Class is a group of women of all ages who are madly in love with Jesus Christ their Savior. Every Sunday they meet to study his word and learn how to apply his word in their daily lives. They search the Bible for the answers in their struggles of being a Christian woman in today’s home, workplace and community. The GAP Class love each other and support each other in any way that is needed. The GAP Class also works closely with the Women’s Ministry for opportunities to serve the community in times of need. We welcome all women who would like to join our unique sisterhood and Bible Study class.

Our class consists of all women ages 50 and up. Even though we are small in number, we are abundant with love for our Lord and our church. We have great love and concern for one another. We share many joys and sorrows. We send lots of cards and help out other ministries in the church with monetary gifts. We share small gifts with one another on most holidays. We study the Lifeway material and try to apply it to our everyday life.

The Senior Couples class was initiated as a place where senior couples might engage in Bible Study together, but anyone is welcome to become a part of this group. The class is interactive with discussions centered on lessons from the Lifeway material. Bible study with the goal of increasing our knowledge and the depth of our understanding of God’s word to us in His Holy Scriptures is the main goal of this class. As we work toward this goal, class acquaintances become Christian friendships and class interactions often turn into outside activities together.

The Joy Class is a loving, caring group of women, close to each other and very welcoming of new comers. This is a very good place to meet other women and make lasting friendships. We use Bible Studies for Life study material. We meet periodically for food and fellowship and are active in many church ministries.

The Bible is what we are dedicated to study with lessons from the Lifeway Sunday School materials. Class discussion and participation are encouraged. Any age is welcome.

A marriage between discipleship and Sunday school, the purpose of the New Beginnings class is to help new Christians develop an intimate relationship with God through bible study, prayer and meditation. Even though the book, Survival Kit For Christians, is the primary text being used, it may be supplemented or replaced to meet the needs of each new class. This class uses a teaching/mentoring approach and limit class size to 8 for that reason. Both men and women 18 years and older are welcome.

We welcome all ages, singles or couples to the B’rith Class, the Hebrew word for covenant.  We are studying the Old Testament minor prophets and discovering their very contemporary message to us as seen through God’s covenantal relationship with Israel and Judah.  This is a Bible Study oriented class focused on a verse by verse examination of the Old Testament Scriptures.  Please join us if you are looking for a Sunday School home in which to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

This class offers an opportunity for young, single adults to grow in their relationship with God as they form a support system for one another. Our purpose is to study the Bible and learn how its truths apply to our lives at school, work, home and in relationships. Learning to live out these truths will help young adults to fulfill their individual purpose and have an eternal impact on the world we live in.

The Esther Class is for ladies of any age who have a desire to continue to learn from God’s Word, grow in their faith, and relationship with God and others. We are currently studying Bible Studies for Life. We welcome class participation, but no one will ever be embarrassed by being called on to read or answer questions. We are a fellowship of believers who pray, encourage, and love one another. Our goal is to bring honor to God, and glorify Him in all that we are and in all we do. Our desire is to fulfill Christ’s commission and purpose for all people to be able to hear about Jesus, and know Him in a real personal way, as their own Savior and Lord. We believe God has placed us here, “For such a time as this.”

Group study for every age. Purpose is to connect closer to the Church and God through these studies. Studies are of 4 to 6 weeks per teacher. To keep connected, we have an email letter each week with prayer requests, class business, lesson updates, and birthdays.

To find out more about Sunday School and get a class recommendation, please contact us.

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