Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a term applied where people offer help and caring to others in their church or wider community. Pastoral care in this sense can be applied to listening, supporting, encouraging and befriending. There are many assumptions about what pastoral care is. Commonly, a Pastor’s responsibilities include presentation of sermons, visitation, conducting funerals and weddings.  The Pastor is the “shepherd” of the congregation who surrounds himself with other staff to help people understand how to become Christians and to help them grow in their faith, and ultimately, equip them to share in the ministries of the church.  Pastors are initiators!  They are to care for the family of faith. All the activities listed here are part of Pastoral Care and is provided by all the ministers on staff of FOEBC, both corporately and individually by appointment and on and “on call” basis. There is no charge for Pastoral Care.

Clinical Counseling

Clinical Counseling involves the development of a therapeutic relationship between a counselor and a client. Under these circumstances, the counselor is usually a licensed counselor who can provide mental health services in cooperation with the proper medical professionals. Clinical issues are usually handled by mental health professionals such as psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, pastoral counselors, etc. FOEBC has a licensed clinical social worker on staff. William M. (Bill) Adcock, LCSW, (KY, TN, GA)  is available by appointment to provide assessments and work with people to help them find solutions to various life issues; approaching them from a clinical and Biblical perspective. Sessions are by appointment and can be both in person or by secure video.

Bill Adcock, LCSW

Bill Adcock, LCSW

Associate Pastor/Minister of Music

Bill is licensed to provide these services unless there is a conflict that would constitute an ethics violation. Click here to read the laws and regulations pertaining to the practice of clinical social work. Scroll down to “Laws and Regulations” and click on the appropriate tabs.  A determination will be made on first contact as to whether a clinical relationship with a member of FOEBC would be classified as a “dual relationship.” If that determination is made, the client will be referred to another licensed counselor for their clinical work. If it is determined there is no ethical conflict you will be able to schedule the appointment with Bill. The cost for counseling is substantially discounted for members of Forks of Elkhorn Baptist Church and will be discussed in the first session. Clinical counseling services are provided through Alpha Counseling Services, LLC. Alpha Counseling Services, LLC is NOT an entity of Forks of Elkhorn Baptist Church.

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