How to Zoom

We are encouraging all our Sunday School classes and groups to continue to meet either through video conferencing or conference calls.

Zoom offers video conferencing and has been successful for our Sunday School Classes who have tried it so far. Keep reading for information on how to host and participate in Zoom Meetings.

How to Host a Zoom Meeting

Leaders, please download our Zoom Cheat Sheet for help setting up your account and scheduling your class.

For a little more in-depth look at hosting a Zoom meeting, the video below is very helpful.

How to Join a Zoom Meeting

If you’re wondering how to join a Zoom meeting, it’s very simple. Your leader will send you an email with a link and when you click that link, Zoom will automatically open and begin setup on your computer. Then you’ll be taken directly to your meeting.

If you’d like to familiarize yourself with Zoom before your meeting, the video below will show you how to join your meeting and goes through different features you might use during your meeting.

The video below shows you how to join a Zoom meeting using the Zoom App on your cellphone.