Worship Streaming Service Update

If you follow us on Facebook may have noticed that we’ve been testing out our new cameras and streaming setup this week. With the new equipment and system, we are no longer broadcasting to LiveStream. We are now broadcasting our services to Facebook and YouTube.

We know that many of you already watch our services on Facebook, for you there won’t be any change.

For those that have been watching on LiveStream, you’ll need to switch over to Facebook or YouTube. If you don’t have or want a Facebook account, you can watch the service on both YouTube without creating an account. If you like to watch the service on your TV screen rather than a computer or phone, this is very easy to do through the YouTube app on your Smart TV or streaming device. You can also go to our website, forksbaptist.org, and select “Worship Online” from our menu and you’ll be given direct links to our YouTube and Facebook.

If you have any questions about this switch, please contact the church office (office@forksbaptist.org, 859-873-1967).