Forks Table Groups

Hungry for connection? Whether you are new to the church or a long-time member or attendee, if you are looking for connection, Forks Table Groups are for you!

Forks Table Groups are a fun, nonthreatening way to get connected to others who are looking to grow in their relationship with the Lord and with other believers. Table Groups meet together around the table either in homes, at a restaurant, or at church to share a meal and discuss monthly table questions that are centered around God’s Word and recent sermons. This is a short-term commitment, in that after 3 months we will re-group giving everyone an opportunity to meet new people. (If you would prefer to stay in your group, that is also an option.)

We invite you to respond by using the questionnaire below, which will in turn add your name to the list of interested hosts and or participants. As names of individuals or couples are added to the list, we will look to find a table group or to create a group to include those names based on the responses to the questionnaire.

If you know of others who are searching for connection and you are willing to host, please feel free to start a group of your own. Please make sure to follow the included parameters. We do, however, encourage you to let the office know if you plan to create your own table group, so we can take you off our placement list and keep track of active groups/participants.