Peanut Butter Drive

We are again collecting Jars of Peanut Butter to feed the hungry in Haiti. Last year our church collected over 500 jars. This year our goal is 1,000 jars. The need is even greater as the ministry’s main source of feeding the poor and children may be a peanut butter sandwich. The purchase of propane has been very limited leaving peanut butter as the only food and source of protein for these precious people. Please begin now to bring your jars of hope for the people of Haiti, and invite your neighbors and family members to engage in this ministry with you.   

We will also accept monetary donations to help with the cost of shipping. If you wish to make a contribution, please make checks payable to Waves of Mercy and mark “shipping cost” for designation. You may also place those in the tote in an envelope marked donation.   

If you have any questions please contact Janice Williams. Make it a neighborhood/community mission project and let’s feed those who cannot afford to feed themselves.

We will collect thru August 1, 2022! At that time the jars will be taken to Florida to be shipped. Totes are located in Church Foyer and Cross Center, so please get on board and help us reach the goal! Thanks so much. 

Please no natural peanut butter due to the shelf life and heat stability.