November Table Questions

Psalm 40:1-3

  1. Would you consider yourself a patient person? Why or why not? Are you in a season of waiting right now? What did David do in our scripture while he was waiting? When we pray, how should we pray?
  2. What did David mean by a “slimy pit, mud and mire?” Do you feel stuck in a slimy pit, mud, or mire today? Explain. Do you think God is using your current situation for a purpose or a reason?
  3. How did David respond to God’s faithfulness? Do you respond or react when you are hurting or in pain? Is there a certain song that you sing or listen to when you are praising God? Share it. You don’t have to sing it, but you can!
  4. Did David trust God even in his distress? What about you? Are you trusting God during this season? What does our trust and faith in God say to others? Trust in God because He has a plan for your life!