Message: “Wednesday Devotional: May 6, 2020” from Todd Lester

Todd Lester - October 27, 2019

Exhausted, Burdened, and Overwhelmed

Are you fatigued and frazzled and just overwhelmed? So many people today are exhausted, burdened, and hurried by an overcrowded schedule. It is time to make some changes! Changes in our crazy busy schedules, in our family priorities, and in our spiritual lives. If we keep up at the frantic pace we're living right now, sooner or later it's going to take a toll on our health, our families, and ultimately on our souls. Pastor Todd Lester shares from Psalm 23 about the importance of rest and making time for spiritual renewal at church.

From Series: "Psalm 23"

A series on one of the most well-known and quoted passages of Scripture in all of God's word.

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