Live Ready Night One

We were never promised a life without pain, suffering, tragedy or trials. We will all experience hard times while we exist on this earth. The good news is that Jesus did promise us that he overcame the world. We were promised that he would never leave us or forsake us. Because of Jesus’ presence with us, we can LIVE READY to face whatever life may throw at us. God gives us guidance to help us LIVE READY and we would be wise to follow it.

This 4-week series is a perfect series to empower you to face difficult times.  The worst thing that happens is not a crisis. The worst thing that could happen is you and I waste this crisis. Let’s not get through this and regret wasting our time. Let’s see God do something great in the midst of this. Let’s LIVE READY!

Our first watch party premieres at 6:30pm on August 30. Watch it here on this page, or head over to our YouTube channel.