FRVR FREE Virtual Tour

Join Forks Student Ministry for the FRVR Free Virtual Tour “stopping” at Forks on Wednesday, April 22 at 7:00 p.m.

FRVR FREE began in 2016 as an event-driven nonprofit company. Over time, God caused this team to grow and transform into a family. The FRVR FREE Family consists of 35-40 individuals who are committed to living by the same value system, and whose mission statement is this: “We’ve been set free to set others free”. When we create experiences, our hope is that people would begin to understand how their Heavenly Father sees them, because when people have an accurate view of how God sees them, the possibilities are endless. This affords us the opportunity to see shame FALL and freedom RISE

and that’s what it means to be FRVR FREE.

Check out music by FRVR FREE on YouTube.