Forks Children's Ministry

Mission Statement: To provide a safe, loving environment for children that encourages a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, Bible study, discipleship training, mission study, fellowship activities and musical opportunities.

Our Children’s Ministry serves children from birth through the end of 5th grade and meets on Sundays and Wednesdays, along with other special events and camps.

As a part of our commitment to children, we use a computerized check-in system called Checkpoint. Checkpoint produces name badges/security tags for each individual child who attends a class. On your first visit to the children’s wing you’ll be asked to fill out an info sheet about your family and after that you’ll be able to go straight to the check-in kiosk and pull up your family’s information by your last name or phone number.


  • 8:30am First Worship Service: Birth-2nd Grade Children’s Classes (3rd-5th grades attend church with their parents)
  • 9:45am Sunday School Hours: Birth-5th Grade Sunday School
  • 11:00am Second Worship Service: Birth-5th Grade Children’s Classes
  • 5:00pm Student Choirs (age 4 through grade 12)
  • 6:00pm Evening Worship: Birth-5th Grade Children’s Classes


  • 5:15pm Fellowship Meal (children eat with their families)
  • 6:00pm Prayer Meeting: Birth-5th Grade Children’s Classes